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Refurbishing And Remarketing It Solutions

At Eagle Electronics Resources, Inc. we strive on the belief that refurbished IT equipment is key to lowering the amount of electronic waste that ends up in our landfills. By using our effective remarketing and refurbishing IT solutions, your old electronic equipment is thoroughly evaluated in order to maximize your company’s asset recovery and ultimately your return on investment.

Upon completion of placing your items in our in-house inventory system you will be notified within 24 hours via email of all goods that have been inventoried along with makes, models, and serial numbers. Then, we will screen and determine the best market to resell your IT equipment and ensure that your property is sold with the maximum profitability in mind. Products that can be sold as refurbished IT equipment will be tested, repaired, and have parts replaced as needed in order to allow for the most profitable return and then will be placed in our online store. Any items that cannot be fully refurbished will be disassembled and sold for parts to reliable partners for their commodity value. This process will take approximately 1 – 3 days before it is fully completed.

After your equipment is evaluated and sold you should receive your funds in approximately 7 – 14 business days. However, if this process is too long we will do our best to accommodate your needs by providing you with a "buy it now" price for all of your items. Experience our superior service and high returns by scheduling a pick up for items today.

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