If you are looking for electronic and computers recycling center in Houston Texas, Eagle Electronic Inc provide more then 10 years of recycling, destruction and remarketing solution. recycling used electronic, ewaste and old computers is the core of our businnes. We utilize your scrap electronics to it fullest and provide a better payback in a safe and friendly environment

Computer And Electronic Recycling

Eagle electronic focus and constantly improving its recycling process to maximize your revenues from ewaste. E-cycling with Eagle Electronics Resources, Inc. is the way to go. With our Houston based computer recycling company not only do we provide pickup from your home or business for your items but we also provide you with the option to sell those items to us so that they may be repurposed for people who are interested in purchasing electronics at a great price.

By recycling your ewaste with us, you're keeping electronics out of our landfills where they cannot be processed like any old trash and giving our environment an extra boost in a healthy direction.

We make sure that the recycling process will not harm the environment and work closely with national regulations and other partner companies to achive this goal.

Schedule a pickup today to have your items collected and take action on the e-cycling environmental safety programs.

Below is a list of all the items we buy and collect for recycling. However, should your items not be on our list please contact us and we will determine if our facility is the proper location for electronic items or we will point you in the right direction as to where your items may belong.


Desktops - Laptops - Components - Networks - Peripherals - notebooks - Mainframe


TVs - LCD Monitors - CRT Monitors

Miscellaneous Electronic Items

Networking Hardware - Cell Phones - Telecom - Cables - Switches - Routers - Motherboards - Fax - Printers - Degital Telephony

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