Data Destruction

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Secure Data Destruction Services

Data security liability is a growing concern in today’s information age. Eagle Electronics Resources, Inc. will safely and securely destroy your old data or your companies’ old data according to D.o.D. specifications. Following the release of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Gramm-Leach Bailey Act, corporations are now expected to securely destroy their data in a manner that will protect the privacy of their customers and associates.

To follow these procedures properly a documented process is required. After Eagle Electronics Resources securely destroys your data you will be provided with a “Certificate of Data Destruction” in addition to a “Certificate of Disposal” that will guarantee the correct disposal of your company’s sensitive data and equipment. Schedule a pickup today or contact us for more information regarding our data destruction services.

To speak with our logistics specialists, please call us at 713.934.8585.

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