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Houston e-waste recycler. call 713.934.8585 and sell your scrap electronic, desktop computers, laptops, CRT monitors, servers, networking Hardware, lab equipment, LCD screens, digital phones & routers.

About Us

Eagle Electronics Resources, Inc. is an electronic waste solution company that’s based in Houston, TX. Our family owned business has provided eco-friendly solutions for electronics that are no longer needed or useful since 1996. We are a recognized EPA and TCEQ electronic recycling solution provider that focuses on refurbishing equipment for resale to encourage responsible recycling to limit the amount of electronic waste in our landfills.

The Eagle Electronics Resources, Inc. recycling center is a 50,000 sq. ft. property that makes recycling electronics a simple task by providing pick up services for schools, businesses, homes, and all other organizations. We believe in a no landfill policy and comply with all EPA regulations ensuring a safe alternative to your electronic waste. Help reduce the amount of electronics that end up in our landfills and make a cleaner environment by scheduling a pick up today!

EPA ID number is TXR00041394.
Better Business Bureau member since 2001.

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Desktops - Laptops - Components - Networks - Peripherals - Notebooks


Electronic waste that ends up in our landfills


We provide an excellent logistic service

Data Destruction

Data security liability is a growing concern in today’s information age.